CBD is Making Big Waves in Cosmetics

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CBD Cosmetics – Will rock the shelves in 2020

CBD has been making lots of noise as a holistic healing supplement and as an additive to foods and beverages. But there’s another application for THC’s non-psychoactive cousin that’s also been blowing up in recent months – CBD cosmetics.

While many companies wouldn’t even touch CBD just a few years ago, the compound (found in hemp plants) is now making its way through the cosmetics industry at an alarming rate. But now, things are different. Kim Kardashian, one of the most influential women in the U.S., considered throwing a CBD-themed baby shower. Companies like Lord Jones and Lux are introducing CBD-infused cosmetics into their product line, and the verdict is in: people love them.


Topical creams and other CBD-based products have been available in many states for years and recently become nationally legal in Canada and the U.S. Usually these creams and other topicals are used to help with pain, but with cosmetics, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are being harnessed towards other goals.

Now, topicals are aimed at reducing puffy eyes. Other products, like CBD-infused lip balm, helps heal and protect your lips from the dangers of everyday life. CBD bath salts combine the calming effects of CBD with the therapeutic effects of a traditional bath balm and help get rid of the pesky aches and pains that can build up throughout the week. And CBD body sprays for after workouts cool and relax the body after a few hours in the gym.


While cosmetics giants like Lord Jones and Lux have begun including CBD in some of their products, it’s not just big companies that are trying to take advantage of the usefulness of CBD. Smaller startups, like Valley, are also pioneering the way CBD-infused cosmetics products are made.

CBD has acted as a huge equalizer in the cosmetics playing field, which has been dominated by big names for years. With some companies predicting that the American CBD market will reach $600 million by 2022, there’s plenty of space for new companies to move in. Now, CBD is giving newer companies an edge when competing with the big names in cosmetics.


Most of the cosmetics that are made using CBD take advantage of the compound’s anti-inflammatory properties. Makeup with CBD can reduce puffy eyes or acne by getting rid of swelling. This extends to products like bath salts – CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help get rid of aches and pains. For bath salts, CBD’s anxiety-fighting properties also play an important role in how the product functions.

These aren’t the only health benefits associated with CBD. The compound has been shown to do everything from promoting appetite to preventing cancer. But those aren’t necessarily applicable to the world of cosmetics.

One main question remains: will CBD-infused cosmetics, or in it’s a more common name – CBD oil for skin – get you high? The short answer is no. CBD is only one of the compounds found in cannabis, and it’s most present in hemp plants. It’s a different substance than THC, which is the component in cannabis that causes users to feel a euphoric “buzz.”


Some CBD-infused cosmetics are available in specialty stores across the U.S. and Canada. But the easiest way to find CBD-infused cosmetics by far is to look them up on the internet. Some vendors will allow you to buy online and have products shipped to your house. That makes it a lot more accessible for the average person to try CBD-infused cosmetics.

Other companies will send customers predesigned “goodie boxes,” which are a great way for someone who’s unfamiliar with CBD to understand the products that are out there.

A good example of a company that according to our reviewers, excel in CBD beauty products, is Joy Organic. You should check them out and read the full review of their products. We also have a coupon code for you at the review page 😉

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