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CBD expos are becoming an industry of their own. Less than a month after presenters wrapped up the first-ever Europe CBD Expo in London, CBD companies from around the world met up for the USA CBD Expo in Miami. ZJ Events LLC presented the event, which drew more than 13,500 attendees. As of this printing, it’s the biggest CBD Expo in the USA.

The event also hosted CBD speakers and vendors from across the American CBD industry. In addition, many press outlets, including CBDTopReviews, converged on the event to cover the future of CBD in the US. So got a press pass, hopped on a plane, and flew to Miami to see what the big deal was about the US CBD Expo.

Biggest CBD Expo in the USA

The first thing I noticed about the US CBD Expo was its loud, Las Vegas-like atmosphere. The event was truly massive, and brought together many of the biggest names in the CBD industry. Next year’s event is going to be held in Las Vegas, which should be a perfect home for the expo.

The event took place from August 2 through 4 at the Miami Beach Convention Center and featured 51 speakers and 305 vendors. Vendors traveled from as far away as Israel and Europe to attend the show. The all-inclusive expo intended to “create a global hub for the best CBD brands and businesses to exchange information and ideas,” according to its website.

Vendors included CBD manufacturers, financial service providers, CBD retail stores, wholesale CBD product distributors, and vape hardware and e-juice brands. The event was also opened to the general public.

The expo also featured one especially unique event. It featured one of the first CBD awards ceremonies where judges awarded CBD brands for best-in-class CBD products. The ceremony featured awards across a variety of products:

Attendees gave generally positive reviews of the CBD expo. One attendee, Adam with a CBD Store, said that “we could not have asked for a better experience from the staff and public. Every request was fulfilled by staff and they made it a seamless experience.”

CBD Speakers and Vendors

The event drew some of the biggest CBD names in CBD as speakers. There were 51 speakers at the event, including award-winning speaker Maruchy LaChance. Ms. Lachance is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Laboratory in Colorado. She spoke about how CBD can help athletes, and how CBD legalization has disrupted the wellness industry. Ms. Lachance founded Boulder Botanicals and Biosciences in 2015 after a 25-year career in business administration.

Major vendors ran the gamut of the CBD industry. One of the largest vendors was PhenoPen a CBD vape pen manufacturer and subsidiary of CBD umbrella brand MabsutLife. Other major vendors included CBD tincture manufacturer Ignite and CBD oil and vape juice producer Koi CBD.

I stopped by a couple top-rated CBD companies’ booths to see their newest products. I spoke with JUSTCBD, HempBombs, and CBDFX about their products. In addition, I met up with some of the biggest companies at the expo, PhenoPen and Koi CBD. I also sat down with Ignite president Jim McCornmick and cannabis doctor and marijuana specialist Richard Koffler, MD.

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Interview With Expo Founder Jason Monti

USA CBD Expo - Miami BeachI also got the chance to talk to Jason Monti, the founder of the USA CBD Expo, about the event. Check out our transcript of the interview below:

CBDTopReviews (CBDTR): Ok, so were here with…

JM: Jason Monti with the USA CBD Expo

CBDTopReviews (CBDTR): Could you tell me a little bit about yourself, how long have you worked in the CBD industry and how did you get into CBD?

CBDTR: So we’ve hosted conventions and events, both in Europe and South/Latin America for the last couple years. And what started happening in around 2018, we started to notice a lot more CBD companies coming to our events and coming on as exhibitors. So thats is how this started, on and around mid-2018 we started to pay a lot more attention to CBD.

CBDTR: So you basically told me about the history of the CBD expo right now, so it was founded a couple years ago or basically just last year?

JM: Correct, so we had started in 2017 with our expo company and then really like I said, probably about middle 2018 is when we really started to pay attention and notice CBD as a category and it started to peak our interest in hey can we put together a CBD specific convention, that’s just cbd and hemp. That doesn’t have anything to do with anything other than in and around the CBD and hemp industry.

CBDTR: So, no THC or other substances right?

JM: Correct, No THC, or other substances, correct.

CBDTR: Tell us about a significant event in the history of the CBD Expo?

JM: Probably the most significant event is when my partner and I decided to go full speed ahead on a CBD hemp specific event. We had made that decision in or around October 2018. We said let’s plan something, let’s put something on the books and let’s work to doing a very large show. That was probably the most significant event was when we had our first vendor say, hey I want a booth at your show. That was actually in January of 2019, so earlier this year. After we had announced, got our website ready and all that stuff. So it was nice to see somebody put a little faith in us and sign up for one of our events.

CBDTR: And now you’re like the most popular show ever, everyone’s signing up.

JM: It took off.

CBDTR: They sent me from Israel just to interview you.

JM: It’s amazing, I think we have three or four Israeli vendors here.

CBDTR: Right, PhenoPen.

JM: Yes, PhenoPen is here.

CBDTR: Obviously…(laughter)

JM: We have two others, yes… It’s really exciting that we’re reaching out to the end parts of the world. We have Israel, obviously. We have some European vendors, we have people from the UK, we have people from Asia. And obviously, the United States and Canada. So it’s very exciting to see this thing kind of blossom.

CBDTR: It is very, very, very exciting. One more question, maybe the last one because we have only 7 minutes. What were some of the hurdles you had to overcome putting on this CBD show or CBD expo?

JM: So some of the hurdles are really understanding the rules and regulations, and legislation from state to state. Federally, we have a firm grasp of what can and can’t be done. When you get into the specific States, some States have different rules and different requirements. The facility we’re in today, which is the Miami Beach Convention center…

CBDTR: It’s amazing by the way, beautiful. A beautiful location, too.

JM: It’s beautiful. South Beach, we love South Beach. They put a ton of money into this building, and it’s actually a city owned building. So a part of that, was to really re-assure them that this is not going to be a THC event, that there’s not going to be marijuana smoked on the floor. And to really put them at ease, that you know, it’s going to be a good show, it’ll be a classy show. We’ll have some fun we always like high energy, so there’s a lot of music in there, there’s a lot of fun in there. But it’ll be a great show for this market. The great thing is when we do host a show like this and we have 300+ vendors, and 500 brands, and we have 1,000 attendees that just come to work the booths. You know they bring an influx of money into the local economy. So, it’s really fun to see all the hotels that get booked, all the restaurants…

CBDTR: Everybody’s talking about it, even in my hotel…

JM: Yeah, we’re kind of like a moving economy where we kind of just bring an influx of people into an area and they spend money locally. And then we have about 13-15 thousand people that will show up here over the weekend to come and check it out.

CBDTR: So that was the advantage. You basically answered the one last question I had. What are the benefits for the attendees that attend this show so they get to network with so many people…

JM: So there’s two sides to this thing. We kinda break the show up into two. The first day and a half, is strictly business. So you must own some type of business that’s involved in CBD and hemp. Whether it’s a retail store, or marketing company. Whatever it might be. And then the Saturday afternoon through Sunday, it’s open to the general public. And that gives a lot of people an opportunity to engage with the vendors and say hey, why is your product better than this one? Or, hey I used that product and it worked great… and that’s really important to us is that the consumers get an opportunity to interact with the business owners and the vendors. Plus we have over 40+ speakers here, speaking at the event and really educating the audience. The audience is broken up into business owners, industry leaders and consumers that they just want to know more information about CBD because there’s so much information about it right now. It’s a very popular news item. But I think that there’s still a lot of confusion about why should I take CBD, what are the benefits to me? What’s the difference? What’s going to work for this, what’s going to work for that? Should I look at something that’s full spectrum, should I look at something that’s isolate…so, I think a lot of questions like that get answered at an event like ours. And that’s really important to us to have this educational element.

CBDTR: You know what I learned at this event? That 60% of women use CBD and only 40% of men.

JM: If you look on the floor, and you go around there’s a couple of cosmetic companies and their booths are absolutely packed. And they’re doing very well.

CBDTR: Well, Sephora got a brand CBD effects is in Urban Outfitters, I was very excited. Ok, this is my last question –

JM: Go ahead –

CBDTR: Forbes predicts CBD will be a $16 billion-dollar industry by 2025, do you think this prediction is accurate? Why or why not?

JM: I think that probably on the low end, I think that we’re going to see probably more than that in the next five years.


JM: Looking out five years and knowing that all the applications that are CBD and hemp and the categories in which you can add CBD and hemp to an existing product to enhance this, enhance that and then the peripheral businesses that will form outside of it, printing, labeling. It’s just, when you look at that as a whole, I think they’re probably at a very conservative estimate with that dollar amount.

CBDTR: Yeah, cause there’s the manufacturing, there’s the growers, it’s like a broad spectrum.

JM: Well, we could look at just Florida specifically…So, they just had some regulation change with them for growing, where hemp was not necessarily a crop that was allowed to be grown in Florida…So now that they’ve been given a pilot program to start using some of this land that is perfect for hemp. And the agriculture that will just happen in Florida. So as states start to allow that it’s just going to add more farming jobs. And then farming jobs produces more jobs and then it’s got to move from state to state, and then there’s interstate commerce so there’s trucking…the sky’s the limit.

CBDTR: Ok, so, thank you very very very much we’re really looking forward to attending your future shows.

JM: Thank you.

CBD in the US

The US CBD Expo was a great way for us to get an insider’s look into the American CBD industry. The industry’s growth has been mind-bending. Some sources say that the American CBD industry grows by about 32 percent each year. In addition, the CBD industry’s projected value is expected to reach at $311.8 million in 2019.

CBD is just one of the more than 100 cannabinoids found in nature. Other cannabinoids include THC, the substance in cannabis that makes you feel high. In addition, there has been some promising research into CBG, a precursor to many cannabinoids.

We had a blast at the US CBD Expo in Miami. It was a great opportunity to contrast the CBD markets in the US and Europe. We’re already looking forward to next year’s US CBD Expo in Las Vegas!

USA CBD Expo Through Our Camera Lense:

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