Discover the next trend – CBD Infused Beverages

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As the legalization of hemp opens the door for new ways to consume CBD, one of the most popular CBD products is rising to the top: CBD-infused beverages. CBD-infused beverages offer an attractive route of ingestion for everyday consumers who want to avoid the stigma of smoking or vaping. And it’ll be an exciting industry to keep track of as it changes over the next few years.

Why CBD Beverages?

Drinking CBD-infused beverages provides all of the same health benefits as consuming other forms of CBD. Some of the benefits of CBD include pain relief, calmness, better sleep, and protection against some forms of cancer. There are even some medicines that use CBD to promote appetite and relieve pain.

Some people associate CBD with THC, another cannabinoid that’s found in the cannabis plant. However, CBD doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects on the drinker, so you won’t feel any buzz from drinking a CBD-infused drink.

CBD Drinks – Alternative to Vaping or Smoking

CBD-infused drinks are an attractive alternative to vaping or smoking hemp extract. It’s much more casual and can be done without attracting a lot of attention to the user. In addition, many doctors advise against smoking or vaping CBD in favor of oral ingestion to prevent damage to the lungs.

Now, with some analysts predicting that the CBD beverages business will reach $600 million by 2022, companies are bringing CBD-infused beverages to the thirsty masses. Products like CBD-infused soda and kombucha are rapidly becoming available throughout the U.S. and Canada. These products generally come in a variety of flavors, like pomegranate, blackberry, and hibiscus; and have standardized dosages ranging from 5 mg to 30 mg.

Some massive corporations like Molson-Coors, are changing their business model to include CBD beverages. CBD generally can’t be mixed with a beer under most laws, but some companies have been using cannabinoid terpenes, the compounds that make flavors happen in your mouth, to add cannabis-like flavor to alcoholic beverages.

Problems with the Recipe

But there are still hurdles in the quest for the perfect CBD cola.

One of the main issues that face CBD infused drinks is how CBD is absorbed by the body, according to the Chicago Tribune. CBD is extracted into an oil, which doesn’t naturally like mixing with water. And when CBD is consumed orally it’s usually absorbed in the mouth, under the tongue. Once CBD makes it into the stomach, enzymes begin breaking it down so it can’t be digested.

Finding Solutions

Some companies are already racing to find a solution. One of the main areas of research involves combining water with some sort of emulsifier, which helps mix the oil and water on a molecular level. This can help make the dosage of the beverage more uniform. Some companies have also been researching how to extract CBD into something other than oil, which will cause it to mix more easily with water.

What to Look For

When you look for CBD drinks to purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind. You don’t want to just pick the drink with the highest milligram dosage – there are other factors to consider. Make sure you find a product that uses an extract from the full hemp plant, not just the hemp seeds. If you’re not sure, you can check the ingredient list: if the main ingredient is “hemp seed oil,” look for a product that uses the whole plant.

CBD-infused beverages are presenting a revolutionary way for regular people to experience the beneficial effects of CBD. With the explosive growth that’s going on around CBD-infused beverages, they’re sure to become a part of mainstream society in years to come.

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