Mom’s cancer leads sons to open CBD store

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CBD as a family business

For Melissa Thieneman, Michael Beam and his brother Corey, selling CBD is now a family business. After Melissa became sick with breast cancer, the two brothers decided to learn more about the healing properties of CBD. Soon they opened up a store of their own. The two brothers headed west to learn more about cannabis production. Yet it was their mother’s illness that was the trigger to finally open shop in Louisville, Kentucky. “When you hear that your mother has breast cancer, you have a million things going through your head. You obviously want to do something to help, but you feel helpless in that scenario,” said Michael. Through opening their store, Majestic Hemp Co., the brothers were exposed to the benefits of CBD for cancer patients and in the world of wellness in general.

CBD health benefits

CBD is beneficial for a variety of health issues, most notably pain management. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD calms and reduces pain. Studies show that CBD is successful in helping reduce seizures of children with epilepsy. Additionally, users of CBD cite experiencing benefits relating to anxiety, depression, digestive issues, arthritis, glaucoma, muscle spasms, and much more. Currently, studies are underway to understand these benefits of CBD and how or why they work in the body. Until then, however, users rely on their peers’ testimonials of how CBD makes a positive impact in their lives.

CBD and cancer

The positive impact of medical marijuana on cancer patients is well-known. Unlike medical marijuana, CBD does not contain a level of THC that can affect users. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component that causes a high effect. CBD or cannabinoid contains less than .3% THC. A cannabinoid drug, nabiximols, is available in Canada and parts of Europe. The medicine is a mouth spray and shows promise in treating cancer pain. The drug is not yet available in the United States and is still undergoing research. Melissa Thieneman whose sons own Majestic Hemp sought a more natural treatment to her pain. “When I was going through cancer and the chemo I wanted to try every natural alternative way to start taking care of my body,” said Thieneman. She gave CBD a try and says she enjoyed the benefits of lessened pain, nausea, and anxiety.

About the company

Majestic Hemp Co. opened up a shop where the brothers live. The company grows its product locally in Kentucky. Then the CBD ships to Colorado and processed before it’s up for sale. The production of hemp is legal across the United States, according to the 2018 Farm Bill. Because hemp is newly legal, the family notes there is a lot of misinformation concerning CBD. Thanks to their new-found experience, the family now focuses on educating other people on CBD. Part of the battle for store owners and investors moving forward is to dispell rumors and misinformation regarding CBD and distinguish CBD and its effects as something markedly different than medical marijuana.


Majestic Hemp Co. offers a variety of products, including tinctures, salves, capsules, and CBD-infused pet products. The tinctures come in 1000mg and 2000mg bottles and include fun flavors like lemonade and raspberry. The creams help with active people and athletes to use on sore spots up to twice a day. The offerings are not as extensive as other CBD companies, but it is a start. The more mom and pop stores popping up in smaller towns across the United States, the more the public will become used to CBD. Additionally, education and access to CBD are becoming more routine and mainstream.

CBD and health and wellness

Majestic Hemp Co., states their mission is, “To inspire and help people in achieving a new level of well-being.” The company is taking a strong green and natural approach to marketing its products stating, “We are purveyors and educators of premium full-spectrum CBD products that are processed via CO2 extraction which is an environmentally friendly way to produce full-spectrum CBD extracts.” The company also works hard to dissipate negative connotations with CBD by promoting CBD as a great natural alternative.

According to the website, “We are passionate providers and believers in our community, and we know that life lived at its fullest comes through feeling good and living present with an active state of mind. Our transparent approach to a still-growing industry means our customers can trust their product is high-quality and responsibly sourced, providing them with a clean and natural option without all the guesswork.” Majestic Hemp Co. is undoubtedly paving the way for smaller shops to approach CBD in a new way.

How to educate

Majestic Hemp Co. hopes to grow and also want to start offering informational sessions on Sundays to help others learn about the power of CBD. While that’s a start, most likely many others will be drawn to CBD once the FDA issues more clear regulations and standards. Mishaps regarding labeling are not uncommon. This is likely due to the quick rise in popularity and the slow actions of any regulatory standards. Additionally, as CBD becomes more mainstream and shows up in stores like Target, Sephora, and Kroger, the more people are likely to begin learning about its positive effects.

CBD industry moving forward

Analysts predict that CBD will jump from a $2 billion industry to a $20 billion one by 2024. The steep rise in popularity indicates that CBD will soon show up in more mom and pop stores across the country. As CBD legislation begins to sort itself out among states and regulations become standardized, we expect that CBD products will become an integral component of a healthy lifestyle.

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