Starbuds CBD coffee shop opens in the UK

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Starbuds opens in the UK

A new store called Starbuds opened in Sheffield in England recently that is causing a stir with its products. The coffee shop is one of the only in the U.K. to be providing coffee with a side of CBD. The co-founder of Starbuds, Ricky Chu, stated that his personal experience with CBD had a significant impact on his decision to go into the business.

For now, the coffee shop is selling a variety of CBD products, including topicals, CDB oil, CBD-infused sweets. The Starbuds owners will be looking into CBD-infused food as part of their long term plan. The CBD that they are selling is part of their brand called “How.” For CBD oil to be legal in the United Kingdon, it needs to contain no more than 0.2% THC. THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant that gives a high effect. Although Starbuds seems to be operating legally, it is still a pioneer as CBD regulations across the world, explicitly concerning food, are yet to be more precisely defined.

Health Benefits

Co-owner of Starbuds, Richard Chu, said CBD helped him with a significant medical problem. After suffering from severe stress and anxiety, Mr. Chu developed a tick that he says was akin to those with Tourettes. One Mr. Chu began a regular regimen of CBD oil; his problem completely went away.

Mr. Chu said, “I started doing more research and met a lot of people. I heard so many stories from people about how cannabis oil has helped them. People have gone from taking ten or fifteen medications a day down to one – just a couple of drops of oil. It is amazing.” Blown away by the effects of CBD, he decided to move into the health and wellness space by opening a shop of his own.

Mr. Chu is hardly the first person to benefit from CBD. People across the globe are flocking to CBD products to help with a variety of symptoms. The most common reason people use CBD is for pain management. The next is for anxiety and sleep-related issues like insomnia. That’s not all though, CBD is known to help with stress, migraines, muscle spasms, skincare, depression, inflammation, digestive issues, general health, arthritis, and more. With its ability to provide so many wonderful effects, it seems Mr. Chu got into the right business at the right time.

Misconceptions about CBD

Part of the difficulty that lay ahead for Starbuds is overcoming the stigma and misinformation around CBD products. CBD is derived directly from the hemp plant, which contains .3% THC or less. The hemp plant is a cousin of the marijuana plant, and there is where a lot of the confusion comes into play. CBD alone will not cause a “high.”

The World Health Organization released a report stating, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” There have been incidents around the world of improper CBD products with questionable ingredients. However, with a public coffee shop getting so much attention, we imagine the pressure is on for Starbuds to provide a good name for CBD in the form of lawful and excellent products.

Why are people loving CBD coffee?

CBD has found its way into just about every trendy product. Face masks, bath bombs, CBD-infused tea, and CBD candies are all flying off the shelves. There is something to say though about coffee. Coffee is a beloved ritual that knows no borders. People all across the world are gathering in coffee shops to relax, work, or fuel up for their day.

Starbuds were not the first to come up with the idea of a CBD coffee shop. Across the United States, coffee shops and juice shops have been offering shots of CBD in your morning drink. One company, Revelator Coffee Company, began selling CBD oil-infused lattes in its locations across the United States. The company enjoyed instant success. Additionally, the company allows you to add another three drops of CBD oil into your coffee for $1.

A popular Brooklyn spot, Caffeine Underground, is also serving CBD coffee and tea. The alternative space serves as an art gallery, coffee shop, and community center all at once. In this unique shop, the coffee beans and the CBD are handpicked and mixed carefully with a particular procedure developed by the company’s pharmacologist. Think of Caffeine Underground as a boutique CBD coffee shop.

Is CBD safe to drink?

CBD is safe to drink so long as it meets safety regulations and standards. The rules for CBD change across countries and even within states in the U.S. While the U.K. requires Starbuds to ensure their CBD has less than .2% THC, that number is slightly higher in the U.S. at 3%.

Coffee is not the only CBD-infused beverage hitting the shelves. Kylie Jenner recently promoted a CBD-infused tea on her Instagram too. CBD-infused water, energy drinks, and sports drinks are also popping up in stores.

The FDA and CBD-infused foods and drink is a bit of a touchy subject. Companies are not allowed to make any outlandish marketing claims without clear evidence to back it up. For example, CBD helped with Mr. Chu’s severe anxiety, but this is not sufficient to market his CBD coffee shop. In the U.S., Mr. Chu would be required to produce an acceptable scientific report, and even then it’s murky.

Coffee shops in the future

Although the legality of CBD-infused coffee and food is still in a grey area, it is not stopping pioneers like Mr. Chu from branching out and opening up shop. Starbuds is leading the way in the U.K. by imagining what a CBD coffee shop can be and what value it can provide to its local community. We expect that as CBD becomes more mainstream and accepted that more and more coffee shops across the world would begin offering a shot of CBD to go with your morning latte.



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