Women Infulencers in Cannabis Industry!

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Males seem to lead in most industries. However, the cannabis industry is proving to be different. 27% of cannabis leadership positions are held by women. Conversely, the US average is only 23% in other fields. With female-specific benefits, more women are joining the new industry. Let’s take a look at how females influence cannabis today. And, in specific, how their efforts are affecting the market’s reach.

Women & Cannabis

Eaze reports first-time cannabis users grew by 140% in 2018. Including, 38% of all users being women. And this number is growing. So, many brands are now targeting female needs. Women using cannabis have put their professional pasts to work for the budding industry. By becoming brand leaders, and major influencers in promoting the plant, they love.

From wellness to technology, these women are paving ways for new industries. And, that’s good news for cannabis. Because Fortune reports female-led ventures can make three times as much as male-led.

Finally, let’s review the top women’s influences in cannabis, now.

Leading Ladies

Jessica Billingsley – CEO of MJ Freeway

Jessica Billingsley took a leap into the industry by investing, first. Shortly after, she noticed a lack of tracking software. So, she took the reins to build one herself. MJ Freeway tracks seed to sell data analytics. The brand also consults others to expand reach, too. Jessica has to lead the company to over 2,000 clients in just 10 years. Incidentally, gaining more than $13B in sales. Clearly, influencing the industry in a big way.

Tahira Rehmatullah – Managing Director of Hypur Ventures

Venture capital fund Hypur Ventures help startup cannabis brands, get off the ground. With Tahira Rehmatullah at the forefront. In 2019 alone, their company was responsible for investing $500M towards startups. Tahira also sits on the Board of Directors of Dope Media. Dope Media was recently acquired by a High Times. Therefore, expanding Tahira’s voice and influence on cannabis.

Pamela Hadfield Founder – HelloMD

Struggling with migraines, Pamela turned to cannabis. Upon looking for low THC products, she found it unusually difficult. Particularly, locating medical cannabis with ease. So, Pamela put her professional UX software designing skills to work. She created HelloMD. The app is a source for users seeking medical cannabis. It connects patients to doctor consultations. Beyond, it also recommends products or support groups. Pamela’s app has been innovative in expanding cannabis’s reach to consumers. Solidifying her influence on the growing industry.

Jessica Peters – President, MoxieMeds

Founder and clinician, Jessica Peters curates medical cannabis. But, specifically for women related issues. MoxieMeds addresses menopause and hormone-related stress. In addition to, reproductive issues. And of course, menstrual symptoms. Beyond her brand, Jessica is an active advocate of cannabis. Above all, she has been vocal on its’ benefits, for nearly 7 years. MoxieMeds is also leading in research for plant processing.

Diane Scott – Chairman and CEO, Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective

Diane Scott runs the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective (JMCC). The brand moves the island’s plant across the globe. Most noteworthy, JMCC exports to Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Germany. Diane brings nearly 20 years of prior executive experience to the new industry. To meet consumer demand, JMCC is now building 1 million square feet of greenhouse area. Cultivating for four countries, and seeking the UK next, Diane will continue to influence globally.

Dr. Rachel Knox and Dr. Jessica Knox – Cofounders, The Canna MDs

Two sisters, and doctors, created The Canna MDs for cannabis’ therapeutic effects. Dr. Rachel Knox and Dr. Jessica Knox teamed up with other physicians in their family to form the brand. Likewise, they promote cannabis as a natural form of fighting disease. As well as improving overall wellness. Through their practice, they’ve helped thousands of patients use cannabis for chronic conditions. As a result, directly influencing public perception of medical benefits.

Cindy Pinzon and Leone Posod – Founders, Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself was founded by Cindy Pinzon and Leone Posod. The women set out to create edibles with a focus on female health. Their brand specializes in waistline-friendly treats. Which are ideal for those monitoring their nutrition. Through their brand, the ladies encourage women to be vocal about use. As a result, they believe the stigmas of using cannabis will reduce. With further legalization, their brand and efforts continue to rise.

Tahirah Hairston, Co-Founder of The High Ends

Beginning as a writer at publications like Teen Vogue, Tahirah Hairston transitioned into cannabis media. The High Ends publicly promotes medical cannabis and its’ culture. Tahirah strives to share cannabis experiences. Specifically from women and minority perspectives. Her brand also highlights the juxtaposition of cannabis incarcerations. With the hope to spotlight and fight injustices in the system.

Dr. Chanda Macias, Owner, National Holistic Healing Center (NHHC) Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Leading the top medical cannabis dispensary, in Washington DC is just another day for Dr.Chanda Macias. She was previously a research scientist. But, Dr.Chanda Macias now promotes cannabis as a treatment. By using research as support. NHHC informs the public on cannabis’ benefits through education and events. Namely titled as ‘national’, the center plans to expand. In an industry that lacks public perception, medical proof is key and the Doctor delivers.

Jaime Lewis, Owner, and founder, Mountain Medicine

Beginning as a chef, Jamie Lewis connects cannabis users to high-quality culinary products. Through her company, Mountain Medicine she works with farmers and consumers. Jamie influences from coast to coast, working in Boston and Colorado. As a result, Jamie advocates for cannabis across the nation. And, she knows her stuff. Due to being in the industry for nearly 15 years. She uses her voice in cannabis to unite industry and advocacy efforts. Jamie is also serving a third term as chairwoman of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

On the rise

Lastly, the cannabis industry projects to reach $16.9 billion. This is a 38% increase in one year. Consequently, women influencers are only adding to that number. Keep your eye out for these leading ladies. Their influence is breaking boundaries and helping boost the industry’s boom.

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