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In the last few years, research has shown that CBD products are quite effective in the treatment of so many disorders in humans and animals. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD provides a natural remedy to some life-threatening conditions.

CBD products are usually made in different forms, some of which include, oil, tincture, gummies, capsule, and topical. CBD capsules are perfect options for people who do not enjoy vaping CBD oil; they can also be used while on the go.

About CBDPure Capsules

CBDPure capsule is an excellent product for beginners and experienced CBD users; it is also perfect for people who want to take a mega-dose of CBD in just one serving.
CBDPure capsule is made from organically tested and clean pharmaceutical-grade hemp. The company offers the natural, unmodified goodness of the mother earth to its users. In addition, CBDPure capsule has been proven to be GMO-free and devoid of any type of contaminants.

Lab Tests and Results

All CBDPure products, CBDPure Capsule inclusive have been subjected to rigorous independent third-party laboratory testing for quality and potency. According to the test, CBDPure capsule is free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), genetically modified organisms (GMO), residual, solvents, heavy metals, microorganisms and pesticides. All test results can be found on the company website.

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My own experience

For my dad, who has suffered so much from anxiety and body pains. CBDPure capsule was the perfect drug he needed because he disliked vaping so much. I got this capsule for him in January 2019, when he suffered so much from body pains leading to depression and anxiety. At a time, I almost gave up on seeing my dad hale and hearty again. However, CBDPure Capsule did the magic, after two weeks of constant use; we noticed a lot of difference. At present, dad is hale and hearty, and CBDPure Capsule has been his best friend.

  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Colorado-sourced hemp
  • GMO and THC free
  • Relatively cheap and affordable
  • No pesticides or heavy metals
  • Organic purity
  • Microorganisms-free

  • Limited product range
  • Information about the product is scanty

Flavour: CBDPure capsule comes in a nutty, earthy flavour of CBD as no extra additives, or flavour is added to it. The product retains the natural taste of CBD.
Potency: CBDPure capsule has a 700mg potency level, supplying a total of 25mg of cannabidiol. It is perfect for people who want to take a mega-dose of CBD in just one serving.

Image Product Name Total CBD Package option Note
CBDPure Softgels 750 750mg 30pcs Contains 25 mg of cannabidiol per softgel
Each bottle contains 750 mg of CBD & less than 0.3% THC by weight
30 count bottle
Natural and organic hemp oil
Easy to swallow Softgel
Backed by a 90 day Money Back Guarantee

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How to Use

CBDPure CBD capsule is an easy-to-swallow medication. It is best taken orally with a cup of water.


CBDPure Capsule is shipped to all States in the USA and the United Kingdom too. Products are delivered 3 to 5 days after an order has been placed by the buyer.

About CBDPure

CBDPure is manufactured by Nutra Pure LCC, a US-based company established in 2016 and setup with the aim of churning out top-quality CBD-based products and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

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