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What’s So Special About Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies?

Charlotte’s Web produces full-spectrum CBD gummies with the nature-finest blend to improve user’s health at every time of the day. The plant-based CBD gummies are heavily scented using organic juice extracts from aromatic fruits and vegetables and sold at reasonable prices. Charlotte Web produces several types of CBD gummies using globally-trusted hemp products and mixed in a way that it fosters tranquil, sleep, and recovery from fatigue. Some of the gummies include:

  • CBD Gummies Mix Pack: This pack comes in 3 variants flavor of ginger, lemon-lime, raspberry for recovery, calm and sleep respectively. It is a 10mg plant-based cannabinoid per serving.
  • CBD Gummies for sleep: The sleep gummies are made with full-spectrum hemp products and have some dose of CBD and melatonin per serving that can peacefully induce sleep right from the pineal body.
  • CBD Gummies for calmness: The calm gummies were made to assist in coping with life’s daily stress easily and help in keeping you focused on the job. These gummies, in particular, can override daily stress and promote high focus while bringing a sense of relaxation.
  • CBD Gummies for Recovery: The recovery gummies are very tasty and squishy, yet, they can aid fast recovery from exercise-based inflammations. These gummies are carefully made with a botanical mix of ginger, turmeric, and Charlotte Web’s custom full-spectrum hemp extract together with CBD to offer more strength and vitality.
  • Calming Pet Chews with Calming Human Gummies: Here is a big package of broad-spectrum hemp extract-infused calming chews. The pack contains calming chews for pets with nature-finest blends such as Valerian root extract mixed with Charlotte’s Web’s full-spectrum hemp extract to relieve pets of daily stressful conditions.

Lab Tests and Results

Presently, there are no laboratory test results for Charlotte’s Web gummies prior to products ordered.

My personal experience

Sometimes last summer, I ran into an old-time friend, Terry, who introduced me to Charlotte’s Web Gummies. Then I suffered from stress-related pains that deprived me of my sleep. However, since I started using this product, the stress is gone forever. I now find calmness, tranquil, and peace of mind. I recommend this product to anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, or pains.

Image Product Name CBD
CBD GUMMY MIX PACK 10 mg Charlotte’s Web™ CBD gummies are made with The World’s Most Trusted

Hemp Extract™ and formulated to support Calm, Sleep, and Exercise Recovery.

Sleep gummies are formulated with our full-spectrum hemp extract and contain 10 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin in every serving to help you float off to dreamland.*
CBD GUMMIES: CALM 10 mg Calm gummies were formulated to help you meet life’s stressful situations with ease and better focus CBD + L-theanine + Lemon Balm
CBD – 10mg/serving (from full-spectrum hemp extract)
L-theanine – 50mg/serving
Lemon Balm – 75mg/serving
USA Grown Hemp
60 count
CBD GUMMIES: SLEEP 10 mg Take 30 minutes before bed for a better night’s sleep. CBD + Melatonin
CBD– 10mg/serving (from full-spectrum hemp extract)
Melatonin – 3mg/serving
USA Grown Hemp
60 count
CBD GUMMIES: RECOVERY 10 mg Yes, good things from the Earth can come from a gummy. CBD + Ginger + Turmeric
CBD – 10mg/serving (from full-spectrum hemp extract)
Ginger – 25-50mg/serving
Turmeric – 50mg curcuminoids/serving
USA Grown Hemp
60 count

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  • Different potency and strength available
  • Simplified product labels for easy comprehension
  • A lot of alternatives of CBD for pet owners
  • Can be bought in a number of convenient packs for different budget
  • Flavored and original unflavored formula available
  • Carefully blended options of CBD gummies for calm, sleep and stress recovery available

  • The shipping can be protracted


Each gummy is made of a simple square-shaped crunch with the color matching the specific flavor it carries. The sleep ginger-flavored comes with a brilliant-orange saturation; the raspberry gummies come with purple color while the calming lemon-lime gummies have a green color.


Charlotte Web Gummies all contains 10 mg of CBD

How to Use

Charlotte’s Web gummies can be chewed by orally ingesting them. Alternatively, they can be taken with foods, drinks, or mixed with smoothies.


Shipping is free for all US-based customers. Buyers ordering in excess of $75 get free shipping, and order less than this attract a shipping fee of $8.99 to any location. Charlotte’s Web makes use of ground shipping, so it can take up to 1 week for packages to arrive.

Who Is Charlotte Web?

Charlotte’s Web is one of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the United States today. The firm which was founded in 2013 by the Stanley Brothers specializes in the production of CBD tinctures, capsules, gummies, topical and CBD for dogs.



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