Koi CBD Gummies Review

Koi CBD Brand Review
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Since the days of Mesopotamia, society has seen the value of hemp. Through centuries, it’s been used for its healing benefits and revitalization factor. We’re just catching up today, with recent cannabis legalization.

The CBD isolate, in particular, has witnessed medical breakthroughs as yet unheard of in the scientific community. But it goes beyond healing. CBD has also been used as a relaxant. And it’s this area of the drug where gummies truly shine.

With Koi CBD Gummies, one gets the sense of a tropical getaway. Koi’s Tropical CBD Gummies use a unique process to create a product rich in flavor that delivers a relaxation one desires from CBD. Furthermore, they deliver the restorative feel that keeps you going all day.

About Koi CBD

Koi’s CBD is an extract, removing everything but the CBD. The company uses the standard CO2 extraction method, removing any harmful solvents.

Their Tropical CBD Gummies are THC-free. Unlike other CBD gummies on the market which are sprayed with CBD, Koi uses a revolutionary process that rolls them in full spectrum CBD three times. This process distributes the non-GMO CBD evenly in every gummy.

My Personal Experience with Koi CBD Gummies

I have severe anxiety. I was looking for alternatives to prescription medication when I discovered Koi’s Tropical Gummies. After just one, I felt a sense of tranquility that’s difficult to describe – like a cool, refreshing blast washing over me. The relaxation lasted through the day.

Alternately, I took one during a particularly stressful day of work. Before I knew it, the day was over and I felt productive.

It’s rare to find a product that gives you such a peaceful feeling without side effects. I’ll surely be revisiting these Koi’s CBD gummies.


Koi’s Tropical CBD Gummies are available in gummy and sour flavor. Whichever you choose, the gummies’ tropical theme will whisk you away to an island paradise.


Koi’s tropical CBD gummies are offered in 200mg in 6 or 20 piece bags.

How to Use

Just like any fine candy or gummy multivitamin, pop one in your mouth and wait for the effects to take hold.


Since the passing of the Farm Bill in Oct6ober 2018, Koi ships to all 50 states. They also ship internationally.

Who Are Koi CBD?

Koi is headquartered in the UK, though they have offices in California. Their raw hemp comes from farms in Colorado.


Tropical Gummies 6pc – $9.99

Tropical Gummies Sour 6pc – $9.99

Tropical Gummies 20pc – $29.99

Tropical Gummies Sour 20pc – $29.99


Koi’s Tropical CBD Gummies give the kind of relaxation one searches for in a gummy. Its unique process of producing their gummies create a product that helps the day breeze by. Those pleasant days will help carry you to a tranquil rest.


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