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CBD Pure hemp oil

CBD Pure Hemp Oil

In the 1970s, legendary writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson ran for Sherrif of Aspen on the Freak Power ticket. What sounds like a prank campaign was deadly serious, and he even came close to winning. Part of his platform was the legalization of marijuana and hemp in order to eliminate criminals and drug dealers.

When you’re in the market for CBD Oil, nothing is more important than ensuring the oil is 100 percent organic. And CBD Pure guarantees a non-GMO, hemp-derived oil grown and extracted by local Colorado farmers.

Free from any synthetic ingredients, the oil is beneficial both medically and recreationally. After all, Colorado has long been considered the U.S. home for hemp and marijuana products. CBD Pure, in part, lives up to Dr. Thompson’s ideals.

About CBD Pure

Since the legalization of hemp products in the U.S., there’s no shortage of brands of CBD oil on the market.  Few, however, actually manufacture high-quality CBD oils that can promise therapeutic results.

The Science Behind CBDPure

The Science Behind CBDPure

CBD Pure has perfected the CO2 extraction process, which requires high-tech, complex equipment and mastery thereof.  This chemical-free method pressurizes the carbon dioxide to pull out the phytochemicals from hemp plants, safely protecting customers from any harmful solvents.

CBD Pure uses third-party lab tests and allows you to consult them.

CBD Pure also offers a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee, with your money back in 90 days.


One of the downsides to CBD Pure is the limited range of hemp products for sale.  Fortuately, this is largely necglectable, as the products offered are effective.  CBD Pure also doesn’t ship to all 50 states, which can be a hassle.

That said, their products are of the highest tier.  What’s so striking upon visiting the website is how modest it is – fitting for a company whose products are limited to the bare essentials.  But the anecdotal evidence speaks to it’s efficacy.  One user even claimed the oil helped her memory.  Others spoke highly about it’s ability to relieve pain from MS, arthritis and even prevent or reduce seizures.

As an epileptic, the latter appealed to me a great deal.  I can attest that, while using the hemp oil over a three month period, I didn’t have a single episode.

Proven Quality

The website also offers handy, easy-to-read lab results for each bottle.

However, while the products excel in quality, the website doesn’t have an ideal layout.  The tincture pages aren’t separated, forcing users to scroll through to find the different mg strengths and prices.


CBD Hemp Oil 600 mg

CBD Hemp Oil 600 mg


The taste is typically just staight-forward hemp.  Something I personally enjoy, but for those that don’t it can be a little strong.  The taste can be improved after a bit of steeping, like tea.


Like fine wine, one of the first ways to evaluate CBD oil is examining the color.  Hemp oil color ranges from clear to dark brown.  Generally, the darker the color, the less filtering it’s had.  CBD Pure is a golden yellow, indicating some filteration, but not much.


CBD Pure oil comes in four different levels of strength, including capsules, depending on what you’re in need of.

 Product/s NameTotal CBDDose/ServingFlavor
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CBD Hemp Oil 100mg3.3 mgNatural hemp flavor
CBD Hemp Oil 300mg10 mgNatural hemp flavor
CBD Hemp Oil 600mg20 mgNatural hemp flavor

CBD Explained

How to Use

Capsules are, obviously, taken orally.  Tinctures are the most simple and direct delivery system for CBD oil.  Just place a few drops sublingually or mix it in with any food and beverage of your choice to get the desired effect.


Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD Pure ships to all 50 states.  It does not ship internationally.

Who are CBD Pure

CBD Pure originates from a company in Vancouver known as Nutra Pure LLC, though the oil is grown out of the cannabis epicentre of America, Colorado.

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