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To ensure you’re getting the most out of your vape pen, Elixinol’s top scientists have worked to create a device that is both easy to use and guaranteed to be effective. Its airtight storage and security ensures no spills or contaminants get in during use, and its measured delivery dosage is perfectly precise.

About Elixinol

Before shipping product to their worldwide manufaturing facilities, Elixinol uses state-of-the-art HPLC equipment in their labs. This not only confirms the product’s potency, but also tests for microbiological contamination, heavy metals and pesticides while deriving a unique turpene profile. Multiple tests are run on the same sample against “dummy” samples to ensure that any irregularities are red-flagged.

Elixinol’s X-Pen uses a CBD hemp extract.


For years, I have suffered from epillepsy. After trying several different anti-seizure medications to no avail, I finally caved and considered CBD. The vape pen being perfect for beginners, I purchased the X-Pen. Since using it, I’ve yet to have any seizures, and any small term effects (tremors, pain in the extremities) have all but diminished. I’m grateful for the product. I would like to see them add different flavors, as I’m not nuts about hemp, but its benefits can’t be denied.


The X-Pen comes in a natural hemp flavour.


The X-Pen comes with 1000mg of CBD, with approximately 15mg released per click.

How to Use

Using a vape pen is no different than any other vape device. Simply press the replaceable tip to your lips, press the button and inhale.


Elixinol ships worldwide and has manufacturers everywhere.

Who Are Elixinol?

Founder Paul Benhaim first discovered hemp’s limitless potential in 1991 and has been obsessed with perfecting his product ever since. The company was founded in Australia, but has manufacturers throughout Europe and a major location in Colorado.


X-Pen 1000mg – $129.00

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