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General questions about CBD products? is an educational review website that provides information and knowledge about CBD brands and products which are on the market. We do not sell any products ourselves. We only write educational articles and reviews about CBD products and CBD brands and refer our audience to their online stores. If you purchased from one of the CBD brands we reviewed on our website, and have some questions, please contact them directly on their online store/website.


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Neither are we! We can not recommend you which products are right for you. All we can do is our best by providing you with educational reviews and articles about CBD brands and products that are on the market today. What product one should buy is totally up to him/her, and it’s their decision only. Also, we always recommend advising with your doctor before start using any CBD product.


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If you are a CBD company that would like to have your CBD brand or products reviewed and tested by our website, please send us an email at [email protected]


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**Please Note: If you have any medical concerning questions or any kind of legal questions what so ever, we do not and can not provide you with an answer about it. So, please do not send us any medical or legal questions, because we will simply not reply to them. We wish you all the best!