How Much CBD Should You Use? Learn More About CBD Dosages

People and companies alike are scrambling since the U.S. legalized cannabidiol (CBD) for public sale. The 2018 Farm Bill changed CBD’s status from a drug to an agricultural product. As a result, a plethora of CBD products are flooding the market. CBD is demonstrating great promise as a possible treatment for pain and anxiety. But what about CBD dosage? How much CBD should you use?

There’s more to that question than you may think at first. You need to base your CBD dosage on multiple factors to find how much CBD you should use. These factors include the concentration of the CBD you’re using. Next, you need to consider how much you weigh. In addition, you need to consider what you’re using CBD to treat.

What Can CBD Treat?

CBD can be used to treat a variety of symptoms. These include chronic pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and low appetite, according to some sources. Humans have used CBD to treat chronic pain like headaches and toothaches for thousands of years. Some studies have even linked CBD to a decrease in the transmission of some cancers. All of these symptoms require different CBD dosages to treat.

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Be Advised: this calculator is for informational purposes only. Talk with your Doctor before taking CBD. Individual results vary, and in fact it is already known that individuals have wildly different results with CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD belongs to a family of chemicals called cannabinoids. THC, the ingredient in marijuana that makes a user feel high, is also a cannabinoid. However, CBD does not produce the same effects as THC, and you won’t feel a buzz if you take it. Cannabinoids work by affecting the human endocannabinoid system (ES). The ES regulates certain body functions like inflammation and stress response. Therefore, certain CBD dosages can have different effects on the body by affecting the ES. Click to read the full article on what is CBD.

How Much CBD Should I Use?

It’s difficult to determine the best CBD dosage. However, some sources say that you use between 1 and 6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of your body weight. For example, if you weight 150 pounds, you should use between 15 and 25 milligrams. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t have a recommended dosage for over-the-counter CBD extracts. However, the FDA does have a recommended dose for Epidiolex. Epidiolex is an FDA-approved pharmaceutical-grade CBD drug used to treat epilepsy. The FDA recommends a starting dose of 2.5 milligrams per day for Epidiolex.

Pain Intensity86 -150 lbs151-240 lbs241 lbs >
Mild12 mg18 mg22.5 mg
Medium15 mg22.5 mg30 mg
Severe18 mg27 mg45 mg

It’s best to determine your CBD dosage by starting low and working upwards. As a result, you won’t get overwhelmed during your first experience. This way you can determine over time your ideal dosage. However, some sources say it’s impossible to overdose on CBD, so you don’t need to be afraid of dying. You should note that this is NOT medical advice, but info gathered from users across the web, and you should consult your physician before using CBD.

Different Types of CBD

Your CBD dosage can also depend on what kind of CBD you’re using. There are more than one kind of CBD extract. As a result, there’s some background information you need to know regardless of whether you decide to use a tincture, vaporizer, or topical product. CBD comes in two types. These include CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate is an extremely concentrated form of CBD. It’s the best volume of CBD you can get per dollar. As a result, the CBD dosage of isolate is lower than full-spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD contains compounds other than CBD. These compounds include other cannabinoids and flavor chemicals called terpenes. These other compounds may have a synergistic effect with CBD that amplifies its effects, according to some sources. You’ll need to try each kind of extract to see which you prefer. If you’re thinking of using CBD extracts to treat an illness, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor.