CBD Energy Drinks – Amplify Your Drinks With CBD

Most know cannabidiol or CBD as a relaxing, pain relieving source. But as more benefits of CBD are discovered, even more everyday products are becoming infused. This includes energy drinks that typically provide an opposite effect or buzz. So, how is CBD working with energy drinks to deliver positive results? Read on to find out more.

Why CBD & Energy Drinks?

From coffee, tea to red bulls, caffeine fueled beverages are getting a CBD boost. As much as CBD can reduce anxiety, it can provide energy too. With recent negative press on many energy drinks, their long-term effects and ingredients…CBD is a natural energy alternative many brands are now incorporating.

Caffeine is the primary ingredient in any energy beverage. Other common ingredients in popular carbonated energy drinks are taurine and guarana. These ingredients we know less about, which adds to consumer concerns about the drinks overall.

With health in mind, consumers are turning to CBD caffeinated options. CBD offers a variety of wellness benefits. Like, anti-inflammation, alleviation of anxiety, alertness and mental clarity. These advantages of CBD address the internal need for energy, in a more natural manner.

How are drinks made?

Most coffee shops or bars producing CBD infused drinks, are adding CBD oil or tinctures into their signature beverages. This is one way you can DIY CBD and caffeine, too.

Because ‘oil and water’ don’t mix, a new way to extract CBD helped large manufacturers of drinks. As technology progressed in the industry, a method to create water-soluble CBD was discovered. Water-soluble CBD allows CBD to be infused into any drink, without oil separating. CBD drink products are hitting the shelves, and can be purchased online too.

CBD & Caffeine

The health benefits of CBD have been widely researched. But, CBD and caffeine studies are so far, rare. One thing we do know, is CBD and caffeine both react with the endocannabinoid system

Many users of caffeine, complain about the jitters they can get. But CBD may help that too.  This is due to the reaction of CBD and caffeine with a central nervous system chemical, adenosine. Adenosine acts as a sedative. It regulates the body’s wake and sleep cycle. Caffeine blocks this receptor in your brain.

With caffeine blocking the sedative chemical, adenosine, you feel awake and sometimes anxious. According to a recent study, ‘CBD exerts an anti-anxiety effect by activating adenosine receptors’. This is why using CBD with caffeine isn’t as counterproductive as it seems. The two substances balance each other, providing alertness without the jitters.

Note thet the effects will depend on the consumer and dose. The way CBD and caffeine work internally, varies per independent pathways. Subsquently, “The patient’s state of mind, physical fitness, overall [CBD and caffeine] habit and dosages, along with the individual [CBD and caffeine] sensitivity are all factors that can swing the mood either way.” said Wolfgang Dostmann, PhD, a professor in pharmacology at the University of Vermont.

Another factor is the amount of caffeine you’re drinking in comparison to CBD. One recommendation is microdosing CBD in amounts of 2-10mgs, while supplementing caffeine. This is said to have “a lifting and focusing effect on the system.” according to Jewel Zimmer a producer of CBD infused beverages.

CBD & Coffee

CBD and coffee have internal benefits on their own. By combining the two, you can double the positive effects.

For example, CBD oil and coffee separately, boost serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with mood elevation and happiness. While coffee amplifies brain function, CBD protects brain neural pathways creating a double brain boost. Keep in mind with hot coffee drinks, heat can affect CBD. CBD shouldn’t be heated over 350 degrees.

Instead of mixing oil into your own coffee, you might want to try a pre-manufactured coffee k-pod, or bags of CBD ground coffee. Grounded coffee beans are infused with CBD specifically for heating up. You can automatically brew your CBD boosted coffee, in a regular or Keurig type machine at home.

CBD Energy & Athletes

Most noteworthy ahletes and CBD users seeking to stay fit are turning to CBD energy drinks. While CBD and caffeine can provide energy inducing effects perfect for exercising, pain relief from CBD helps too. By relieving pain with CBD energy drinks, users working out can feel more flexible and pliable to complete their routines.

CBD Energy Drink Products

Beyond your standard cup of coffee, or a can of energy drink, CBD energy boosting products vary in type, now too. From drink mixes, to drink ‘shots’, CBD and energy is available in a growing number of products.

Moreover, If you like to be in control of how your drink is flavored, drink mixes similar to ‘crystal light’ packets are now purchasable with CBD. If you’ve heard of 5-hour energy shots, or other brands offering a concentrated liquid ‘shot’ with high kicking-energy…they now have CBD versions. CBD cold brew products are on the shelves, too. Prefer to avoid liquid, but want the energy many drinks can provide? There are CBD energy chews and capsules, now as well.

Below is an exampleof CBD energy fueled drinks or products to try. While they won’t get you high, still be cautious, and consume carefully if you’re sensitive to caffeine, or on prescriptions that may be affected by CBD.


Amplify your CBD

Whether you’re already using CBD, or looking for an energy alternative, CBD energy drinks can be the right choice for your lifestyle. If you’re looking to stay alert and active, without an edge- CBD and energy fueled drinks are natural options to improve your overall wellness.