Cbd & Aging

CBD may seem like a new-age aid, but it’s proving to be more. In fact, many in their old age are reaping its benefits too. Users of CBD are even preventing symptoms of aging. CBD is anti-aging in effects and addressing common signs of wear and tear. Like stiff joints, chronic pain, and the onset of delayed diseases. Including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s as well as others. Let’s review CBD and how it connects to aging.


CBD & Seniors

Many baby boomers and seniors are just learning the effects of CBD. Due to the health benefits, it can provide, without the high of cannabis. Adult cannabis users over the age of 65, increased by tenfold from 2007 to 2017.

The growth in use is in part due to a growth in available products. While seniors may have been cautious to smoke cannabis, new smokeless options are helping. CBD is available in capsules, tinctures, topicals, and edibles too. Consequently, many seniors are turning to CBD to treat aging ailments. In fact, one study shows 54% of seniors who had taken CBD, used tincture as their method.

Medical cannabis and CBD use are also turning seniors off of prescription pills that come with harsh side effects. In states where cannabis is legal for medical use, Medicare for seniors saw this first hand. After legalization, fewer prescriptions were written for common conditions like depression, anxiety, pain, and other chronic issues. Above all, opioid use dropped too.

Prolonged use of pain prescriptions, can also cause internal damage. Including liver damage, or addiction. CBD is proving to display zero to no serious side effects. Even more, doctors like Mikhail Kogan, M.D., prescribing CBD for seniors say it’s a safer alternative. “Cannabinoids are safer than Tylenol or caffeine by tenfold. If you compare them to opiates, they’re about 10,000 times safer,” says Kogan.

This is another reason why elderly patients are considering CBD more seriously.

Lastly, in one study, 51% of seniors users that have tried CBD reported an improvement in the enjoyment of life. So, CBD use is rising with seniors for good reason. Next, we’ll review how CBD addresses age-onset conditions, and anti-aging, too.


CBD & Aging Diseases

Diseases like Alzheimer’s appear in old age. Similarly, arthritis worsens over time and chronic pain can too. With seemingly no cures, or non-pharmaceutical aids insight…CBD is emerging as a more natural treatment for many common aging conditions.

When surveyed, aging adults cited inflammation as the number one reason they have turned to CBD. With its’ overwhelming anti-inflammatory traits, it’s easy to see why CBD has helped. In the same study, seniors noted that pain relief and better sleep quality were the top benefits. Actually, 61% of respondents saw a reduction in overall pain after using CBD.

With a variety of CBD product options, inflammation and pain can be targeted in a number of ways. Not only can you consume or ingest tincture doses or pills. But, seniors are able to double their relief for arthritis or pained areas by applying topical treatments, too.

In addition, health professionals are now recommending CBD for a number of elderly conditions, like

  • Osteoporosis and bone health – CBD regenerates cells and reduces inflammation aiding bone health. Research is even showing CBD can strengthen bones and promotes healing in bone fractures.
  • Glaucoma – CBD is known to reduce IOP or intraocular pressure, or IOP. High levels of IoP is a cause of glaucoma,
  • Alzheimers – Brain or neuroinflammation is the main cause of the condition, Alzheimer’s. And studies are showing that CBD is highly anti-inflammatory is reducing neuroinflammation, too. Because CBD interacts directly with the central nervous system, it’s proving to be a treatment to symptoms of dementia, as well
  • Parkinsons – As studies increase, CDB is showing to relieve psychosis, tremors and sleeping issues. All common symptoms of Parkinson’s. This is in part to CBD acting as an “inverse agonist” to receptors in the brain, causing these effects in the condition.
  • Heart health – The anti-inflammation traits of CBD work for your blood vessels and lungs, too. This can help many with high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks over time. CBD is also an antioxidant that can reduce cell death due to oxidative stress.

As more studies develop, scientific backing to CBD treatments and aging conditions will continue to increase.


CBD & Anti-Aging

If you’re just trying to avoid the visible effects of aging, CBD can help too. CBD is now trending in mainstream arenas as a new anti-aging tool.

Wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots all appear as we age. CBD is packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. These are vital factors in fighting many skin issues, including signs of getting older. Internally, CBD counteracts free radicals that create skin damage or ‘wear and tear’.

And where do free radicals come from? Metabolic processes onset by the sun, pesticides, smoking or radiation. Free radicals also cause collagen to break down.

A loss of elastin and collagen in your skin causes wrinkles. So, CBD helps improve skin by decreasing free radical damage overall. By CBD also decreasing inflammation, the skin will be less puffy. This reduces the possibility of lines or creases.

Another source of wrinkles and age lines is the drying up of oil glands. With CBD working with the endocannabinoid system, it also affects the regulation of glands. Including, promoting the gland that produces ‘sebum’ or skin oil secretion. This reduces dryness, skin health overall, and wrinkles over time, too.

To reduce skin wear in old age, topicals or oral ingestion is recommended.


A new way to age

With the health benefits of CBD ever-increasing, it’s showing to aid users of all ages. As health deters over time, CBD’s regenerative and internal advantages prove even more important. For anyone looking to prevent serious conditions, or reduce signs of aging, CBD is proving to help. Check out our top-quality CBD tinctures, skin creams or capsules to begin anti-aging effects today!