What’s The Best Extraction Method For CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the concentrated liquid extract of a marijuana plant. CBD is widely accessible today and can be seen everywhere from major retailers to mom and pop stores. In fact, CBD is expected to be a $20 billion industry by 2024, primarily due to the positive effects of consuming it.

CBD is known to help with an array of issues, including anxiety, insomnia, arthritis and inflammation, acne, and even seizures. CBD can be consumed in a variety of manners from CBD tinctures to CBD salves, and more. CBD is currently used in many different product industries ranging from beauty to food. So, where does it come from?

CBD’s popularity is primarily based on its ability to provide significant effects without causing the consumer to get high, like typical marijuana. Plants used to extract CBD oil are bred to contain very low amounts of THC. Plants with less than .3% of THC are referred to as hemp. These plants are planted, grown, and then harvested once they are ready. What comes next in the process, and how CBD is extracted and ends up in your favorite capsule, vape pen, soap, or cupcake, will depend on the CBD extraction method.

Dry Ice Extraction

One method to extract CBD is through the usage of dry ice. This method is a relatively straightforward way to extract CBD and can be done at home with the right tools like bucket, goggles, gloves, and cannabis buds with a high concentrate of CBD.

Place the plant into the bucket with the buds broken apart, and cover it with dry ice for around three minutes. Next, add water and then drain all the contents through a mesh bag. Drain the extra water and wait for the extracts to dry and become powder-like.

Olive Oil Extraction

Perhaps the easiest CBD extraction method is done with olive oil. The tools required are simply hemp plant buds, a pan, and some olive oil. The hemp is heated to about 250 degrees for one hour. Afterward, olive oil is added to the plant and is heated at a high temperature for up to two more hours.

Once the mixture is ready, it can be poured into a dark container. Because CBD olive oil extraction is made with a perishable product (the oil), you should be sure to store it in an appropriate place as you would any other oil.

Solvent Extraction

CBD can be extracted using a solvent extraction method. The solvents used must be natural since toxic chemicals can be leftover from chemical solvents. It is recommended to use ethanol during this CBD extraction process.

The ethanol is added to trimmings of the plant, mixed, and then the solvent dissolves plant extracts. The ethanol is then removed from the mixture, through straining. Lastly, the mixture is heated until the rest of the solvent has evaporated, and you are left with only CBD plant extracts.

CO2 Extraction

Using CO2 extraction for CBD is likely the most expensive and complicated method, best left to the pros. A typical setup can cost well over $30,000 and involves more chemistry than the average Joe tends to know.

In short, CO2 extraction involves compression chambers and certain temperatures to dissolve and eventually extract oil from the plant. This method is extremely effective at producing a high concentrate of CBD oil and is an extremely safe CBD extraction method.

Best Extraction Method

Whether your CBD is extracted through C02, olive oil, a solvent or dry ice, you want always to make sure you are buying high-quality and safe products. The best extraction methods will likely depend on whether you are planning on doing it yourself or if you are trying to identify how CBD made its way into your favorite products. Factors such as cost, preparation time, and storage can affect how you pick the best CBD extraction method.

With a little CBD education, you can confidently identify and purchase the appropriate products suited for your specific needs.